Guide Map

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Octopus Topiary

Welcoming visitors at the entrance of the park.


A 4-meter-high and 30-meter-long gorgeous statue of a phoenix made of flowers to pray for recovery from the earthquake disaster.

Hana-no-okamichi Promenade

A promenade with various flowers on both sides.

Daichi-no-niji Garden

With seasonal flowers in all the colors of the spectrum, the garden looks like a rainbow.

Moon Terrace

Sit on the black granite bench to enjoy the dynamic panoramic view from the terrace.

Terrace of Waterfalls

Enjoy the seven waterfalls along the path while taking a leisurely lakeside walk.

Sky Terrace

This is a landmark of the park. Enjoy the panoramic view of Osaka Bay from the overhanging terrace.

Marine Terrace

Enjoy pleasant breezes from the nearby ocean and a clear view of ships in Osaka Bay.

Hana-no-shima Island

Take a boat trip around the lake and canals in the park. Enjoy the colors and fragrance of seasonal flowers.

Hill of Cottonwood

A beautiful slope lined with cottonwood trees and commanding a fantastic view of the ocean.

Palm Garden

A tropical garden lined with palm trees and filled with the scent of the sea.

Utsuroi-no-niwa Garden

A garden with a magnificent view of the sunrise and sunset. It is a good place to take a walk to observe seasonal changes.

Children’s Forest

A playground with a giant labyrinthine jungle gym and slides. Why not go on an adventure?

Large playground equipment(Yumekko Land)

A 14-meter-high,40-meter-wide, and 130-meter-long piece of playground equipment designed on the theme of flowers, water, and wind.

Grass Field

A playground for children to play and burn off energy. Enjoy yourself in your own way!

BBQ Field

Enjoy a barbecue in the pleasant sea breezes, under the blue sky, beside the blue ocean.